Keyflow COVID-19 is a digital QR-code scanning solution for registering guests. With Keyflow COVID-19 you can help preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your city. We help our partners to register their guests in a safe, fast, and easy way. By using Keyflow COVID-19 you keep track of all your guests with minimal effort required. If any of your guests becomes ill, you can notify all of the other ones that visited your venue at the same time. 




By using QR-code technology your guests can register quick and easy. It is crucial that the registration process is super fast in order to reduce queues and frustration among your guests. When a guest scans your venue QR-code they’re able to check-in within seconds, either by filling in their contact details (if don’t want to sign up as a Keyflow user to enable fast check-in for future check-ins) or by confirming the check-in with one tap (if they already have a Keyflow account). 



We want to keep bars, nightclubs, and restaurants open while keeping everyone safe. By working together in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have a higher chance of keeping the hospitality sector open and keeping our guests safe. If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 we can inform others that visited your venue the same day during the same hours to get tested. Every day we generate a guest list containing the information of each guest that visited your venue; name, phone number, email, and time of visit. In the case of a positive COVID-19 result, we’re able to send push notifications, text messages, and emails to those that should be informed. 



How long do we store guest data?


Personal data of a guest that check-ins manually (a non-Keyflow user)will be kept for 28 days. After 28 days the guest data will be automatically deleted.

Personal data of checked-in guests using a Keyflow account will be kept on file until the user requests for it to be removed or for as long as is permitted and/or required by applicable law. Keyflow is the data controller in respect of personal data relating to our users which is processed by us or our data processors. As such, we are responsible for treating our users’ personal data in compliance with applicable data protection legislation. We are also obliged to, at our users’ request, correct any personal data about our users that is incorrect, incomplete, or misleading. Read more about our terms and conditions here: https://api.keyflow.com/capi/terms/guestaccount


Keyflow is connected to many nightclubs all over the world and can therefore offer many choices for you as a user. We are connected to venues in cities in Sweden such as Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as our latest destination Dubai.

To the nightclubs
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Keyflow offers a various amount of services and you can use the app to apply for table service at a specific club or tickets to a certain event for you and your friends. Get started with Keyflow today!